Student Ratings

The NWSRS ratings for scholastic year 2016-2017 are current as of Wednesday March 22, 2017.

For best performance, it is divided into sections by last name:

A - B,   C - D,   E - F,   G - H,   I - J,   K - L,   M - N,   O - P,   Q - R,   S - T,   U - V,   W - X,   Y - Z

You can also view the entire ratings database as an Excel spreadsheet in compressed format: Ratings In Excel Format (zipped)

When you register at tournaments, it is very important to tell your tournament director of any changes in your school or grade codes. Or you can always email your school changes to

All rating questions to Kirk Winges: (206) 794-6010 ,

Top 10 List

The new Top 10 list for the start of the 2016-2017 season is Here top10

USCF Ratings and Adjustments

Most recent date of USCF Adjustment is March 1, 2017.

Read this note about USCF ratings and adjustments and our rating system.