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School Report

Arrowhead Elementary School (ARW)

Arrowhead Elementary School
Kenmore, WA
Last Name           First Name   ID Number  Rating #Gms #GmsYTD State
 Egbert              Raiden       ARWKF995     789    87    0    WA
 Proskurnya          Arseny       ARWJI857     739     9    0    WA
 Brunn               Katie        ARWMK312     713     5    0    WA
 Brunn               Michael      ARWJI458     685     5    0    WA
 Strok               Joshua       ARWLF110     580     4    0    WA
 Monson              James        ARWL7352     575    20    0    WA
 Regala              Jackson      ARWJI667     444     5    0    WA
 Hicks               Edward       ARWC391W     400     2    2    WA

(32759 rows processed, 8 students found in school ARW)

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