Tournament Report for:

Chess4Life Staff Match
Dec 2, 2015
Bellevue, WA

TD:  Van Weerdhuizen

Rating report for Chess4Life Staff Match Section Sloan and Austin Staff Match

 pos last name first       id numb   start end/#gms  rd1 rd2 rd3 rd4 rd5 rd6 rd7 tot 
  1 Setiadikurnia, Sloan   ADUNF323  2064  2051/145  W2  W2  W2  W2  W2  D2  L2  5.5
  2 Jennings, Austin       HSCN4849  1706  1725/ 96  L1  L1  L1  L1  L1  D1  W1  1.5

Note: Tied score standings are resolved by the TD at the event. Results here might not be in tiebreak order.