Tournament Reports

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British Columbia Chess in This School Year

Event TD City, State Date
Woodpusher June Challenge Chui Burnaby, BC Jun 25, 2017
Coquitlam Tri-City June Tournament Wu Coquitlam, BC Jun 24, 2017
Knightmare May Quads Chiu Burnaby, BC May 28, 2017
Knightmare April Quads Chiu Burnaby, BC Apr 30, 2017
Woodpusher March Challenge Chiu Not Specified, BC Mar 19, 2017
Knightmare February Quads Chiu Burnaby, BC Feb 19, 2017
Woodpusher January Challenge Chiu Burnaby, BC Jan 15, 2017
Kinghtmare December Quads Chiu Burnaby, BC Dec 18, 2016
Knightmare November Quads Chiu Burnaby, BC Nov 20, 2016
TriCity October Tournament Wu Coquitlam, BC Oct 21, 2016
Knightmare October Quads Chiu Burnaby, BC Oct 16, 2016
Knightmare September Quads Chiu Burnaby, BC Sep 18, 2016

(qualify) indicates qualifying event for Oregon State tournament. For some multi-week team events to count as a qualifier, a minimum number of games are required. Contact OSCF or a league coordinator for details.
(Washington qualifies by section, not event - see WA elementary qualifiers list.)

(qualify) indicates a 2015-2016 event reported here for convenience, not a part of 2016-2017 season.